Šargan Eight, Drvengrad

Šarganskaosmica (Šargan Eight) is the name of the museum and tourist railway, Mokra Gora - Šargan Vitas "Serbian Railways", reconstructed sections of the former railway Uzice - Visegrad - Sarajevo, which runs the museum train "Nostalgia", in the summer season from April to October and in winter from 25 December to 25 January. During the summer season it transports on average about 70 thousand tourists. In just an hour, the train passes through 22 tunnels and over five bridges, and the railway overcomes the difference in altitude and the ascent of 300 meters. Not far from the station Mokra Gora is located a film village in the ethnic style of the renowned film director Emir Kusturica called Drvengrad overlooking the station and the railway of Šargan Eight. On the route of the museum train ŠarganEight is possible to stay for several days because within the railway stationsare found the accommodation and catering facilities. Drvengradis an ethno-village in Mokra Gora in Serbi. It was founded and built on a hill Mećavnik by the design of the film director Emir Kusturica, for filming of "Life is a Miracle" In the form of a rectangle whose mainaxis is the main street and has at one end the front gateand spreads to the other end where is located a small wooden Orthodox church with a wooden bell tower. In the central part of the village square is paved wood lot and cut wood thresholds and is surrounded by chalets. Chalets are authentic, and transferred from some of the regions of Serbia, and some from the RepublikaSrpska, in the form of skeleton and placed on stone foundations. In each of these features are typical for the city: Hotel Mecavnik, Macola gallery, library, cinema Underground (located under the land), pastry shop, national restaurant Lotika. In late June, here are organized "Heritage Days" and the first "Kustendorf film festival" was held in early 2008 in Drvengrad.