Raška region, Kraljevo, Maglič, Mataruška Spa

Raška region is a geographic area in southwestern Serbia, which was named after the eponymous river. In a broader sense, the term Raska refers to the whole area of southwestern Serbia, which in the Middle Ages belonged to the Raska state. In the area of Raska started Serbian national idea and was created the first Serbian state organization under Prince Vlastimir(9th century). In Ras, Serbian capital at that time, on whose foundation lies today in Novi Pazar, ruled the Grand Prefect Stefan Nemanja. In Raska region are located a lot of monasteries such as Studenica, ĐurđeviStupovi, Sopocani, VisokiDecani, Gracanica, Žiča and Peć Patriarchate. Studenica monastery is considered by many one to be of the most beautiful Serbian monasteries not only because of the sophisticated architecture of the Byzantine-Raska school, but also because of the wonderful landscape on which it is built. Stefan Nemanja, the first Serbian ruler, built it as his endowment. ĐurđeviStupovi Monastery is located on top of the wooded hills that dominates the panorama of Novi Pazar. ĐurđeviStupovi were built around 1170. as an endowment of Grand Prefect Stefan Nemanja. As part of the whole StariRas and Sopoćani, monastery ĐurđeviStupovi are on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1979. Not far from the city of Peć, Patriarchate of Peć is located. The monastery has four churches, built closely to one another, so that today they form a single structure. From July 2006 to the World Heritage List of UNESCO entered the monastery of the Peć Patriarchate and Gračanica and the Church of BogorodicaLjeviška in Prizren, with previously entered Dečani monastery, under the joint name of "Mediaeval Monuments in Kosovo (Serbia)".



Kraljevo is situated on three rivers: the Ibar, the West Morava and Ribnica. Distant history of vicinity of Kraljevo, as well as geographic location and individual archaeological discoveries indicate the existence of the colony even 2000 years BC. The city also claims the role of economic, trade and industrial center of southwestern Serbia, where are concentrated almost all economic capacities. Kraljevo belongs to the group of economically developed cities in the Republic of Serbia. In Kraljevohas many cultural and historical monuments: Lord-Vasin residence, monasteries Zica and Studenica and medieval town Maglič. Maglič comprises 8 towers connected by walls and in its interior is entered through two gates. It is believed that it is most likely raised by Uros I, after the Mongol raids, to prevent the penetration of new invasions through the Ibar gorge, or to protect access to its endowment Sopocani and Studenica. Mataruška spa is located in central Serbia, 8 km away from Kraljevo and about 180 km from Belgrade. MataruškaBanja has the strongest sulfuric water in Serbia, and it comes from a depth greater than 1000 meters. Mineral water is very healing, and its main ingredient is hydrogen sulfide, whose deficiencies in the body are the main causes of various diseases.