Valjevo, Divčibare

Valjevo is situated in western Serbia less than 100 kilometers to the southwest of Belgrade. The relatively favorable geographic position on important highway roads and proximity to potential emitting markets, the wealth of cultural heritage in a relatively small space, incorporation of cultural wealth in tourist attractive natural areas, a large number of monasteries and relics of two saints, as well as events related to national history made it possible for Valjevo be distinctive as an authentic tourist destination.


Divčibare is a mountain resort situated on the mountain Maljen (1104m) in western Serbia, south-east of Valjevo, at the altitude of 980 metres above sea level. Tourist Organisation of Valjevo has several walking tours offered to tourists, one of which includes walking to the highest peak of Maljen, Crnivrh, lasting for about 40min. Also, excursions to Valjevo and attractions in its vicinity include the Petnica Sports and Recreational Centre with four swimming pools and thermal mineral water, Petnica Cave and the Church of the Holy Mother's Assumption.